PTV xServer 2.29 released

The new PTV xServer API version 2.29 is available! Besides several improvements and bugfixes we provide these new features:

  • xData
    Return of time-zone information for each segment
  • xDima
    Return of time-dependent travel times in distance matrices with time-consideration scenario ‘MultipleTravelTimesConsideration’
  • xTour
    Support of the compartment access restriction to consider two compartments in a vehicle whereby one can only be accessed through the other.

If you are interested in the full list of features and improvements, you can check the corresponding release notes here. And the PTV Content Update Service 2.29 is also available.

Please note that from the next release on the monetary cost minimization for the xTour service will no longer be supported. The quality of the function did not meet our requirements and therefore it unfortunately has to be removed again. We are working on a follow-up solution. But this does not touch the monetary cost optimization for the xRoute service.

For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the PTV xServer Customer Area: (login and license required)

For cloud solutions we provide a test and production system based on this release. The production system of PTV xServer internet will be updated following this schedule:

  • 21.06.23: Productive system hosted in Europe
  • 04.07.23: Productive system hosted in US
  • 05.07.23: Productive system hosted in Australia

Check the Cluster Overview page to get more information about existing PTV xServer internet deployments.