• Extended Content: PTV xTerritory

    For PTV xTerritory PTV offers a wide range of Point of Sales Data (PoS Data). Points of Sales are regulars in numerous location-based applications pertaining both to marketing, location planning and consumers.

    PoS is a special form of POI (Point of interest).…

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  • Extended Map Content

    With additional layers which can be connected locally via client or MapControl, PTV DATA & Content offers you the chance to develop PTV xServer-based applications and modify them according to your requirements.

    • Perform asset management to see whether your vehicles are travelling in predefined areas
    • Use telematics applications and need precise information on current postcodes
    • Use geomarketing applications in SaaS

    PTV offers you maps of the administrative and postal borders for Europe and a large number of other countries worldwide.…

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