• PTV xServer 2.26.1 released

    The PTV xServer 2.26.1 is released! With this version we provide two important bug fixes for the xRoute service:

    • Bugfix: When the vehicle profile is not supported by the selected emission scenario, a result limitation instead of an exception is returned like in all versions before 2.26.0.

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  • PTV xServer 2.26 released

    The new PTV xServer API version 2.26 is available! This is the first release this year with more than 60 (!) changes. And these are the highlights:

    • General
      • Update of several third-party components including Log4j
    • xRoute
      • Simple way to prohibit map segments by specifying intersecting polylines (also xDima)
      • Usage of your own exchange rates for toll prices (also xDima)
      • Support for HBEFA 4.2 emission calculation
      • Support for ISO 14083 emission calculation (experimental)
      • Support for emission calculation with alternative drivetrains like electric or hybrid (experimental)
      • Simple way to compare the travel time with and without live traffic on the same route
    • xTour
      • Support for the US driving time regulation from 2020 (also xRoute)
      • Support for configurable working hours (also xRoute, experimental)
      • Support for multiple quantity scenarios
      • More flexibility to configure once-per-stop service time

    If you are interested in the full list of features and improvements, you can check the corresponding release notes here.…

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  • PTV xServer 1.36 released

    The new PTV xServer API version 1.36 is available. As always, we recommend using the new version as soon as possible. And these are the main topics:

    • Updated several third-party components to recent versions
    • Added the possibility to log only requests which cause a fatal exception
    • Fixed the request logging

    If you are interested in the full list of changes, you can check the corresponding release notes here.…

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  • Zero-day “Spring4Shell”

    Since this week there is a new zero-day vulnerability in the Spring framework. Please note that we are aware of this and currently analyzing how far the PTV xServer is affected.
    We like to share the current state of our analysis with you.

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  • New year – new log4j Version!

    First of all happy new year to everybody out there.
    New year – new log4j Version!

    On December 28th the new CVE-2021-44832 concerning log4j 2.17.0 has been newly disclosed.

    Since we shipped the newest versions of the PTV xServer family (see blog post from 22.12.2021) as well as the PTV xServer 2.25.3 (see blog post from 20.12.2021) with Log4j version 2.17.0 just before Christmas, these versions are potentially affected by this new CVE.…

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  • PTV xServer 1.34 with Log4j 2.17.0 released

    Groundhog day! The next release of PTV xServer 1.34 is available. Like in PTV xServer 2 we now integrated the latest security update Log4j 2.17.0. Keep fingers crossed that this finally solves the current security issues in Log4j.

    • PTV xCluster Server
    • PTV xDima Server
    • PTV xLoad Server
    • PTV xLocate Server
    • PTV xMap Server
    • PTV xMapmatch Server
    • PTV xRoute Server
    • PTV xTerritory Server
    • PTV xTour Server
    • PTV xServer bundle

    For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the PTV xServer Customer Area: https://www.ptvgroup.com/en/solutions/products/ptv-xserver/customer-area/

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