• PTV xServer API version 1 – Technical Note

    We would like to inform you that a problem of the MS Windows Server operating system in interaction with PTV xServer API version 1 was discovered.

    Your PTV xServer installation is affected by this problem if the following points apply to it:

    • PTV xServer API version 1
    • Operating system Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019 with current security patch
    • PTV xTour or PTV xDima with calls that clear the distance matrix before or after usage
    • Storage of distance matrices in a SMB / CIFS directory

    Within this group, installations using either local Windows versions (Windows Server 2019) or Azure Windows versions 5 (Windows Server 2016) and version 6 (Windows Server 2019) with current patch are affected.…

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  • PTV xServer API Version 1.30 is now available!

    Check out the highlights of the PTV xServer API Version 1.30.

    General/All Services:

    • Improvement: By raising the internal size limit of high-performance routing networks it is possible to create them for all current maps (depending on your available memory).

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  • EU Driver Regulations – Multi Manning

    In this post we will explain you what is meant when we talk about the two-drivers-scenario, so called ‘multi-manning’, in the PTV xTour Server and what you have to do to use it.

    • What is multi-manning?

    ‘Multi-manning’ means that at least two drivers in the vehicle do the driving in each period of driving between any two consecutive daily rest periods, or between a daily rest period and a weekly rest period.…

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  • The symbiosis of PTV xTerritory and PTV xTour Server

    Assuming you have a compact trading area and you like to plan day trips for your vehicles you can benefit of the symbiosis of PTV xTerritory and PTV xTour Server. Use PTV xTerritory Server to plan territories based on customer addresses and optimize the trips with PTV xTour Server.…

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